How Lidl Slovenia Build Emotional Connections with strategic use of Gamification?

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Lidl Slovenia used gamification to maintain the leading market position index and to continue strengthening relationships with customers. 

Focusing on multiple and diverse consumer groups, Lidl integrated various gamification solutions into its marketing strategy. By doing so, we were able to achieve significant engagement, loyalty and new subscribers.

The Goal

At the heart of our strategy for Lidl Slovenia was the primary business goal: 

Emotionally Engage users and Retain the top spot in the brand closeness index against competitors, as measured by the IPSOS Brand Tracker. 

The strategy used gamification to increase engagement and generate leads. We also focused on building strong brand connections with customers through fun and educational content.

The Plan

In collaboration with the Lidl digital department, we recognised and addressed the shift in users' online behaviour. More and more time is spent online, but the attention span is getting shorter and shorter. 

So we laid down the strategy to tackle this trend. First, we split their three core audiences into smaller, interest, groups.

By analyzing their target customer profiles – including psychographic and demographic data, channel preferences, interests, and purchasing behaviours – we were able to pinpoint the optimal tools and mechanics. And also adapt our messaging and gamification techniques and mechanics accordingly. 

This tailored approach was grounded in our belief that personalization leads to more meaningful customer experiences.

The Audience

Our tailored gamification strategy took into account the distinct segments of Lidl shoppers - young adults and families.

The Idea

We built eight gamification tools, including four different types of quizzes and four custom-brand game mechanics. 

Each product was responsive, compatible across devices and browsers, and seamlessly integrated into Lidl’s website. 

Our approach blended competitive elements and giveaways with specific campaign goals to create memorable digital experiences, leading to intensified engagement, lead generation, and strengthened brand loyalty.

The campaign’s omnichannel distribution strategy – executed by BidBid – included social media, influencer partnerships, newsletters, online ads, and QR codes in printed catalogues.

Navigating co-branding guidelines, especially for games linked to global trademarks, presented unique challenges we successfully overcame.

The gamification mechanics we used to attract different audiences were: 

  1. Educational Quiz on Wine & Gastronomy 
  2. Personality Quiz to showcase fun buying personas
  3. Promotional prize game quiz 
  4. Educational True-False Quiz
  5. Custom jigsaw puzzle game 
  6. Harry Potter multi-game experience 
  7. Paw Patrol collection game 
  8. Custom Spot-it game digital & physical edition


The Results

Our campaign met and exceeded all set objectives:

  • Lidl Slovenia retained its position as number one in the brand closeness index per IPSOS Slovenija Brand Tracker.
  • Engagement rates exceeded the 70% target, averaging at 75% active user engagement.
  • Conversion rates exceeded expectations, with an average of 28% of engaged users turning into leads, outperforming the 20% goal.
  • User interaction time surpassed the 3-minute target, averaging at 3 minutes and 47 seconds, a 32% increase over the average website engagement time.

Additionally, our efforts generated impressive social media traction, garnering 69,653 engagements. 

This demonstrated the campaign's wide reach and resonance with the audience and highlighted our multi-platform approach's effectiveness in creating a cohesive and engaging brand experience.

Through strategic planning, audience-specific customization, and innovative gamification techniques, we successfully strengthened Lidl Slovenia's market position, deepened customer relationships, and set a new benchmark in digital marketing engagement.

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