Welcome to brainylab universe

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Welcome to our universe.
One is blue and the other is green.
One has been inhabited by games, avatars, timers and trophies, on the other intelligent machines are building their kingdom.
One is Gamification planet and second is AI.

And on both there is plenty to do, tolearn, to explore, to enjoy.

But let’s rewind a little ...

How and why every thing started?

First, there were passion and love, but everything actually started with an observation.

... and a little bit of frustration.

Let’s face it, traditional marketing approaches often fail to engage and connect with users. Customers - especially online - are overwhelmed with information, making it incredibly difficult for brands to create a lasting impact and build meaningful relationships.

And this is where our story begins.

We wanted to offer a solution to this problem by combining AI and gamification to transform the way your brand engages with users.

By implementing intelligent, personalised experiences, we help companies and businesses like yours create a compelling and interactive marketing story. The story that captures users attention, creates emotions and drives loyalty.

Expanding marketing strategies with elements of gamification brings excitement, interactions, and enjoyment to the user experience. Making it more memorable and improving brand recall.v

What makes brainylab special?

In love with technology and pleasurable interactions, we strongly believe in three things: Integrity, Creativity, and Technology.

For us, Integrity starts with keeping our word, standing our ground and admitting when wrong. It’s Creativity that helps us to stay playful and drives us forward daily. It allows us to express ourselves through Technology, tools and products we build.

We form our opinions quickly and strongly, but we hold them loosely. We believe in a collaborative approach with clients and other industry professionals.

brainylab is user-obsessed company with a strong belief that the role of technology is to make our lives easier.

And more fun..

So we want to contribute our part in this crazy-paced world and make it more pleasurable. Useful. Fun.

When integrating AI and gamification into a brand's marketing strategy, we bring a structured and proven approach to the table.

Our team of copywriters, game developers, designers, developers and project managers collaborates closely with brands to understand their messaging, target audience, and goals, allowing us to come up with solutions that align with their specific needs.

We’re on a mission

To build tools that users love, and makes our clients proud.

Our ultimate goal is to make marketing fun, playful, and effective, allowing brands to establish stronger relationships with their target audience.

We strive to continuously push the boundaries of technology and creativity to deliver exceptional solutions that enable brands to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

By employing the power of AI and gamification, we see ourselves as part of the future where marketing is not only effective but also a source of entertainment and enjoyment for consumers.

We’d love to have you in our universe ...


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