How Sava Insurance used Gamification to create Emotional bond with Families?

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We collaborated with Sava Insurance and created a fun, gamified and emotional campaign Počitnice so igra. 

This campaign aimed to blend fun, play, education, and family bonding through a unique gamified book, targeting families looking for quality time away from screens during the winter holidays.

The Goal

The goal of the campaign was simple yet ambitious: to build meaningful connections with young families by offering an engaging, creative content experience. 

We aimed to convert at least 1,000 users into prospects by providing them with a unique and engaging gamified book. 

This objective was not just about numbers; it was about creating emotional interactions and valuable first-party data that align with Sava Insurance's mission of bringing security and joy to families.

The heart of our strategy revolved around a unique offering—a gamified book designed not only to entertain but also to engage families in a shared adventure, steering them away from the digital distractions that often dominate our daily lives.

By gathering valuable first-party data through this campaign, we aimed to understand our audience better, tailoring our services and messages to meet their needs and desires more effectively. 

This strategic approach was perfectly aligned with Sava Insurance's overarching mission—to be a source of security and joy for families. It was a bold step towards redefining what insurance companies can offer, turning traditional perceptions on their head and setting a new standard for how companies engage with their communities. 

The Plan

We zoomed in on the main problem, knowing we had to grab families' attention in a meaningful way. 

Our game plan? 

Put quality first. We split our efforts into a few key areas:

  • making a cool creative concept,
  • designing the look and feel,
  • developing an engaging game, creating a catchy landing page for leads, and rolling out a solid plan to promote and distribute everything.

It was all about getting every piece just right to make sure we drew in the right crowd—families looking for fun, and quality time.

It took a lot of brainstorming and fine-tuning. 

We aimed to deliver something special that would really speak to families. From making the gamified book look great and fun to play, to ensuring the landing page was easy to navigate and inviting. And when it came to getting the word out, we picked our channels carefully, aiming for where we knew our families would be hanging out.

We wanted more than just their attention; we aimed to pull them in, spark their interest, and keep them coming back. 

It was a mix of creativity, smart planning, and just knowing what families would enjoy, all aimed at one thing: making a campaign that not only reached our audience but truly connected with them.

The Audience

Our target audience was young Slovenian families, particularly those with children in primary school. 

These families often struggle to find quality time to spend together, especially during the winter holidays, away from the temptation of digital screens. Recognizing this, our campaign was tailored to address their concerns directly, offering a solution that promised fun and valuable family bonding time.

The Idea

At the heart of what we did was a gamified book called Počitnice so igra. 

It’s packed with puzzles, games, and all sorts of activities that kids and their parents can enjoy together. Think of it as the main attraction of our whole plan, mixing fun stuff with learning to get families to play away from screens. We didn’t stop there, though. We added some tech flair with mini apps – like a virtual dice, a word generator, and a stopwatch—to make the experience even more interactive.

This book, designed for both children and parents, aims to strengthen family bonds through engaging activities,and distancing from digital screens. Its uniqueness comes from a blend of interactive elements and thoughtful design, fostering family interaction and learning. 

The book is packed with fun and playful content: 

  • 19 games for varied fun, 
  • a double-sided game board, 
  • 10 colouring pages for the youngest, 
  • 36 playing cards, and 95 stickers for creative play
  • A scoreboard tracker and 
  • 30 playable figures enhance the hands-on experience.

In addition to these physical components, the book integrates technology in a balanced and thoughtful manner with 3 mini apps: a dice, a random word generator, and a stopwatch. 

The limited release of 500 free copies created a sense of exclusivity, while the need for detailed information from participants ensured high-quality lead generation. This approach captivated interest and also reflected the brand's commitment to fostering genuine family engagement.

The Results

The campaign exceeded all the goals that were set. 

The objective was to collect 1,000 high-quality leads but we ended up with 2,030, surpassing our target by 103%.  Ad clicks also went well beyond expectations, hitting over 30,000 clicks, a 164% increase from our goal of 11,000. 

Campaign analysis clearly showed that the campaign connected with people. 

With every fifth visitor to our website showing a strong interest in our product and nearly half of these (47%) interested users turned into leads.

We reached 500,000 users across all social media, generating huge interest in the 500 game books available. These were gone very quickly. In just two days, leading many more  —1530 to be exact — to download the digital version, expanding our impact further. 

Instagram proved to be the most effective platform for conversions, closely followed by Facebook.

Overall, the campaign didn't just meet our expectations—it flew past them, connecting with over 500.000 people online. 

This success helped Zavarovalnica Sava strengthen its relationship with families and cemented its image as a caring and user-focused organization.

 The lead-gen conversion funnel: 

  • over 500.000 target audience reached
  • 30.000 ad clicks generated
  • 22.800 unique website visits
  • 4500 high-intent users detected 
  • 500 order high-quality data leads
  • 1530 downnload segmented ledas

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