Brand Games: Gamification Solutions for Modern Brands

With the use of fun and personalised brand games to create emotional connections with users and build lasting relationships.

want your brand to stand out in this overwhelming digital space?

struggle to create emotional connection with your target audience?

need an effective way to spice up and make your marketing fun?

want to educate and entertain your website visitors at once?

Use Gamification!
It’s fun, emotional and effective.

Lead-generation Quizzes

Unlock the potential of first-party data generation and supercharge your marketing strategies with the our own Marketing Quiz tool.  Learn more

Advent Calendar

Reveal a new interactive experience each day with our Advent Calendar game. This tool is designed to keep your audience engaged with daily surprises, creating a sense of anticipation and sustained interaction. 

It's perfect for holiday promotions or year-round engagement, offering a unique blend of excitement and brand discovery.

Design by: Luna/TBWA

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Swipe Games

Designed to be instantly engaging, keeping users entertained with simple yet addictive interactions. 

Ideal for younger demographics, these games are perfect for social media integration and quick-play scenarios.

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Mind Puzzles & Enigmas

Stimulate and engage your audience with BrainyGames Mind Puzzles & Enigmas. These challenging brain teasers are perfect for cultivating a deep intellectual connection with your audience.

They are ideal for showcasing your brand’s ingenuity and for engaging an audience that loves to think, solve, and triumph.

Spin Wheel

Build the thrill with every spin. This dynamic tool offers a spectrum of rewards and surprises, tailored to your brand. 

It's not just a game - it's a captivating way to engage users, encourage repeat visits, and enhance customer loyalty through exciting, reward-filled experiences.

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Point & Click Games

Engage your users in the simplicity and addictive nature of Point & Click Games. Each game is a narrative journey, weaving your brand’s story into its gameplay. 

This engaging format is perfect for illustrating brand values, exploring product features, or simply providing entertaining content that resonates with your audience.

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Runner Games

Fast-paced, action-packed games are custom-designed to reflect your brand's identity, offering an exhilarating way to deepen user engagement and brand recognition.

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Gamified Content Platforms

Transform your digital content into a captivating, interactive playground with Gamified Content Platforms. 

This innovative approach turns your website, app, or content hub into an immersive, game-like experience, where every interaction is an opportunity for engagement and brand immersion.

Your favourite brands already use AI & Gamification
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Lidl used gamification to strengthen customer bonds and lead the market. Focusing on diverse consumer groups, Lidl integrated engaging gamified tools into their marketing strategy, achieving significant engagement and loyalty.

  • person215.000 Users Engaged
  • schedule5:10 Average Playtime
  • equalizer29% Average Conversion Rate
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Sava Insurance

We collaborated with Sava Insurance and created a fun and emotional campaign Počitnice so igra. This campaign blended fun, education, and family bonding through a unique gamified book.

  • person22.800 Target Users Engaged
  • schedule4500 high-intent users detected 
  • equalizer2030 high-quality leads generated
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Clever solutions and educational content will always drive quality conversions. Citroën quiz delivered amazing results and enabled the brand to stay in touch with thousands of new subscribers.

  • person12.600 Users Engaged
  • schedule2:06 Average Playtime
  • equalizer43% Average Conversion Rate



Creative use of ChatGPT allowed user-centred brand Argeta to create powerful tools for very specific customer needs. Resulting in high engagement and personalised, emotional connection.

  • person51.000 Users Engaged
  • schedule2:12 Average Playtime
  • equalizer18% Average Conversion Rate

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