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From the initial concept to the final implementation, our digital scientists will carefully blend elements of fun, creativity and effectiveness, to create a dynamic engagement formula for your brand.

Step 1: Define Audience & Problem

A key step in the process of Engagement solution definition. Audience and Engagement problem defines mechanics, narrative and distribution of the solution.

  • Target Audience Definition
  • Detect User Engagement Problems
  • Competitor Analysis

Step 2: Conceptualise

Concept phase enables us to iterate different engagement approaches, define user flow and technology to deliver best possible solution for your brand.

  • Specify Gamification or AI Solution mechanics
  • Develop Preliminary Concept Problems
  • Outline User Journey & Experience Goals
  • Select Suitable Technology

Step 3: Design, Develop, Implement

Gamification design system is put in place, feedback loops come to life and integration - one of the most vital steps in process - is implemented.

  • User flow & feedback loops
  • Design Structure and Elements
  • Development & Testing
  • Implementation in Client's Environment

Step 4: Measure, Analyse, Iterate

All our solutions include an Engagement funnel analytics. First-party anon analytics gives you a complete overview into user behaviour, conversions and drop-offs.

  • Your personal Analytics Dashboard
  • Complete Funnel Analytics with Charts
  • Anonymised Data Collection

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Lidl used gamification to strengthen customer bonds and lead the market. Focusing on diverse consumer groups, Lidl integrated engaging gamified tools into their marketing strategy, achieving significant engagement and loyalty.

  • person215.000 Users Engaged
  • schedule5:10 Average Playtime
  • equalizer29% Average Conversion Rate
Read full Case Study->


Sava Insurance

We collaborated with Sava Insurance and created a fun and emotional campaign Počitnice so igra. This campaign blended fun, education, and family bonding through a unique gamified book.

  • person22.800 Target Users Engaged
  • schedule4500 high-intent users detected 
  • equalizer2030 high-quality leads generated
Read full Case Study->



Clever solutions and educational content will always drive quality conversions. Citroën quiz delivered amazing results and enabled the brand to stay in touch with thousands of new subscribers.

  • person12.600 Users Engaged
  • schedule2:06 Average Playtime
  • equalizer43% Average Conversion Rate



Creative use of ChatGPT allowed user-centred brand Argeta to create powerful tools for very specific customer needs. Resulting in high engagement and personalised, emotional connection.

  • person51.000 Users Engaged
  • schedule2:12 Average Playtime
  • equalizer18% Average Conversion Rate

We believe in creativity, integrity, and technology exploration to create marketing solutions that are not only effective but also enjoyable.

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Innovative gamification strategies and mechanics to create connections.


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